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            COVID-19 Response: ESC is continuing to serve clients and is committed to finding a way forward. Learn More
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            ESC Engineering powers a bright future
            by becoming a part of ENTRUST Solutions Group.

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            Every project demands our commitment to designing the optimal solution, maximizing performance, maintaining budgetary costs, and exceeding expectations. ESC is an electrical engineering consulting firm providing a full spectrum of services, including design, planning, control systems and automation integration, structural engineering, and geographic information system (GIS) expertise.

            ESC has maintained a philosophy since our inception in 1978 that people matter as much as the results. Our employee-owned company is comprised of engineers, specialists, programmers, designers, CAD technicians, field technicians, and support staff who care about each client and each project. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do and working together makes the difference. People vested in people leads to better results.

            Insight, creative problem solving, and an unwavering commitment to your success are the foundations of ESC. We approach every job as our only job. From launch to completion, our hands-on approach, focused leadership, and relentless attention to precision provide an unequaled customer experience, ensuring you remain our client for life.



            From lighting to charging mobile devices or vehicles, ESC designs bring power to the world.

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            Oil and Gas

            ESC provides services that allow entities to deliver the energy modern-day consumers depend on.

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            For over 40 years, ESC has helped bring safe drinking water and wastewater treatment to communities.

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            Manufacturing and Industrial

            ESC stays abreast of the latest technology to help manufacturing and industrial concerns thrive.

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            ESC is well-versed in providing solutions that meet the ever-growing demands that face our clients in the commercial sector.

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