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            Solutions > Renewable Energy and Interconnection

            Renewable Energy and Interconnection

            Sustainability and finite resources are driving the need to implement a growing number of renewable energy solutions, and becoming more of the focus for many policy and development initiatives. Joining with key partners, ESC is a valued engineering source in helping to develop renewable power projects. From conception, feasibility analysis, and interconnection agreement to design and commissioning, ESC is involved throughout the electrical interconnection process. We work primarily with solar and wind renewable energy applications for electric utilities, municipalities, educational institutions, and governmental agencies, with systems ranging in scale from 10MW to 100MW.

            Renewable Energy and Interconnection Solutions:

            • Interconnection Substation Design
            • System Impact Studies
            • Protection and Relaying
            • Facility Cable Plant Design
            • Design of Interior Site Power Stations
            • Communication System Design
            • SCADA and Automation Design and Integration

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